First-Year Student Wishing to Get Involved


Hi, as the subject goes, I found your pamphlet in the orientation week package and I am very interested in getting involved with the student senators in any form. I have had extensive experience in student council, school board student council, and my high school entrepreneurship club and I feel that the Senators effect the school in ways I wish to be a part of. If there are such opportunities, or any events which I could attend, please let me know and I would be delighted to participate. Thank you.

Hi Eugene!

We are so excited/happy that you have shown interest in getting involved in Western’s Senate. There are many ways to be involved; below is a brief list of opportunities/events that have been finalized for the year, but I also recommend that you follow us on Facebook (@WesternStudentSenators) for updates/details/new events that may arise:

Coffee and Tea with WSS – Sept. 28th
This is a great opportunity to meet with Senators/Directors in-person and contribute ideas/opinions to our advocacy initiatives (ie. answer/ask questions, voice concerns). We will also be able to talk to students in more detail about what is involved in the roles of Student Senators/Directors (such as meetings, advocacy projects, student outreach, etc.) if you are interested in pursuing these positions.
There will be two (2) more Coffee/Tea events throughout the year-> dates TBD.

January/February: elections for Student Senator positions + March: WSS Director hiring -> these are both great opportunities for long-term involvement with Senate/WSS.

  • Student Senator role is directly involved with the Senate (attends/speaks at meetings) and acts as the spokesperson for students in front of Faculty/University administration.
  • Director roles are diverse and based on specific skills/interests (ie. Graphics, Public Relations, Governance) and work towards maintaining/improving the Western Student Senators (WSS) organization, as well as working with Student Senators to draft policy papers to be presented to Senate.

Monthly: social media updates, forms/surveys -> WSS will be reaching out to students, such as yourself, on FB/Twitter for answers/opinions pertaining to specifics academic policies/issues (ie. “what is your opinion on Pass/Fail courses?”)

I hope this brief list aids your understanding of how to get involved with WSS! Additionally, I am looking forward to potentially speaking with you at the Coffee/Tea event (details to be posted on our FB page soon). Please feel free to submit any further questions and/or reach out for clarification! 

All the best,


Photo courtesy of @patricktgavin