How can I take action on academic issues important to me?

SUBMITTED BY: student321

Great question student321! 

THIS FORUM is the perfect first step in bringing about the academic change you would like to see on Western campus!

If you have a question you would like answered, there are opportunities to submit a question to this Forum, submit a question for a personal response, email us, or contact one of our social media accounts. 

If you would like to begin a discussion on an academic topic, this Forum is an excellent place to initiate the conversation with other Western students! 

Most importantly, by voicing your comments/concerns to the Western Students Senators (WSS), we become aware of important academic issue and can begin to work with you towards positive CHANGE. 
If many students comment on your Forum topic sharing similar concerns/experiences, then WSS additionally recognizes that this issue has a wide-spread impact. 

We strongly encourage students to speak up about academic issues, as well as appreciate any feedback regarding WSS’s effectiveness in representing you.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Change starts with YOU.


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