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We're so excited!!! Your USC and Western Student Senators have been hard at work!

Beginning September 2018, Western students can take 1.0 courses for a credit WITHOUT receiving a numeric grade! Explore your interests and discover what you enjoy without impacting your GPA or eligibility for student awards!

Learn more here:

Updates on victories and current projects

DATABASE OF COURSE SYLLABI is now available on Student Central!

This was a large advocacy priority of WSS and we are very excited to see this initiative implemented!
The course syllabi database will be helpful for students who wish to gain more detailed information on course content/structure before/during course registration.
Check it out on Student Central under "Documentation"!


WSS Statement Regarding OWL Content Deletion

As direct witnesses of the September 22nd Senate meeting, WSS members would like to express our understanding of the OWL issue as addressed by Provost, Janice Deakin.
For any inquiries/comments, feel free to comment in our forum or email us at


Senate meeting agendas / minutes

Policy papers

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involvement opportunities


Western Student Senator DIRECTOR applications are now OPEN!

Passionate about Western? Interested in learning more about student government? Want to contribute to making tangible improvements to our campus? 
If YES, we want you to join the Western Student Senator volunteers! Applications will be accepted until March 30th at 11:59 PM

Please direct any questions to Kelvin ZhouMatthew Novello, and Massimo Perruzza at

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