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Summary of our
contributions & achievements

  • University Strategic Plans contributions, including:
    • Mental Health
    • Sexual Violence and Assault
    • Indigenous
Senate provides students the opportunity to make impactful change, which can influence every student’s academic experience at Western University. If you’ve ever taken a course at Western or at one of the affiliates, it has surely been governed by rules approved by Senate.
— 2017-2018 WSS Chair and Vice Chair, Courtney Hardy and Rav Datta


Senators have helped to bring Western University a Fall Reading Week, beginning in the 2017-2018 school year.

Earlier final exam schedule release

Senators have helped in releasing the final exam schedule 5 weeks earlier than previous releases.

15% Rule

Senators have helped to bring the 15% rule to Western University. Professors are required to provide 15% of a student's grade before the course drop deadline.

Course Syllabi database

A database of course syllabi is now available on student central due to the help of the advocacy of the Western Student Senators. The course syllabi database will be helpful for students who wish to gain more detailed information on course content/structure before/during course registration. Check it out on Student Central under "Documentation"!




Discovery Credits (Pass/Fail credits)

With the efforts of the University Students' Council and Western Student Senators, beginning September 2018, Western students can take 1.0 courses for a credit without receiving a numeric grade. Explore your interests and discover what you enjoy without impacting your GPA or eligibility for student awards!